Media Conference for Libya Western Region

The Mass Media Conference, a three day event for journalists kicked off in the Peoples Conference Hall in Tripoli with the participation of over 150 persons related to media from all over the western region.

Journalists from the different cities addressed the conference highlighting a few of the challenges media personnel are facing in the new Libya. At the end of this conference five persons will be “elected” to serve in the Supreme Media Council, SMC, under the National Transitional Council.

The main purpose of the event is to improve the media structure and to serve as a media wing for the next few years until an independent media is developed completely.

The supreme media council will also help in efficiently propagating information during the upcoming elections. The SMC will be made up of 15 members in total, that is, five from the Eastern region, five from the western and another five from the southern region.

(Source: Tripoli Post)
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