Mellitah Pre-Qual for Underwater Inspection Contractors

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company intends to issue the below tender and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable contractors specialized in providing similar services. The pre-qualification submission will be evaluated to establish the Bidder List for the tender:

TENDER NO. (710)



Mellitah Oil & Gas (MOG) B.V; Libyan Branch intends to tender for Underwater inspection campaign of submerged sections of fixed platforms’ Structures, Sealines, Subsea Flowlines, Storage & offloading Vessel, and Subsea wells at its Bouri Offshore Oil field proposed to commence on the 15th May through to 15th June 2013. International and Local Companies with capabilities and expertise in Underwater Inspection are invited to express their interest for consideration in the Prequalification of Bidders. Please note that certifying authority has been retained to supervise the underwater inspection project.

The Bouri Field is located in block NC-41; 120 km off the Libyan Mediterranean Sea at a depth ranging between 145m to 183m. The current development of the Central section of the field consists of the following primary facilities:

  • DP4 - Main Production Platform.
  • DP3 - Satellite Platform.
  • Single point mooring (SPM) and permanently moored storage tanker (Sloug).
  • Three (3) satellite subsea wells, (B3-21, B3-25 and B3-26) each tied-back to DP3 Platform via a dedicated flow line and electro-hydraulic control umbilical.
  • Four (4) new subsea production wells, (B4-45, B4-46, B4-47 and B4-48) clustered around a central manifold (PLEM) tied-back to the DP4 via two (2) 8" flexible flow lines, one 3" service line and an umbilical line through a SUTU. The flow lines are provided with Subsea Isolation Valves (SSIV) located on the seabed approximately 100m from the DP4 Platform.
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